Rewarewa Honey
Rewarewa Honey
Rewarewa Honey
Rewarewa Honey

Rewarewa Honey

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Introducing our exquisite Rewarewa Honey, sourced from the pristine lands of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Inspired by Māori traditions, this remarkable honey carries a rich cultural heritage and a plethora of health benefits. Immerse yourself in the essence of nature as you indulge in the unique flavors and nourishing properties of Rewarewa Honey.

Rewarewa Honey, also known as "New Zealand Honeysuckle," is renowned for its distinctively robust taste and therapeutic qualities. Harvested from the magnificent Rewarewa trees that grace our land, this honey encapsulates the spirit of Māori culture and the deep connection between our people and the earth we cherish.

Incorporating Rewarewa Honey into your daily routine offers a multitude of health benefits. Its natural antioxidants help support a strong immune system, while its anti-inflammatory properties may assist in promoting overall well-being. Meticulously crafted in a raw and unprocessed form, our Rewarewa Honey retains all its nutritious elements, ensuring that you experience its full spectrum of goodness.

At our online store, we take immense pride in offering you authentic Rewarewa Honey from the heart of New Zealand. Every jar represents a piece of our cultural heritage and a commitment to sustainability. We work closely with local Māori landowners, fostering a fair and respectful partnership that preserves the integrity of our traditions and supports our community.

Embrace the warmth and flavor of Rewarewa Honey, a taonga (treasure) that transcends boundaries and invites you to savor the essence of Māori heritage. From its exquisite taste to its potential health benefits, our Rewarewa Honey truly captures the spirit of Aotearoa. Experience the unique richness of Rewarewa Honey, nurtured by our pristine land and delivered to you with utmost care.

Discover the wonders of Rewarewa Honey today and embark on a journey of taste and well-being. Elevate your culinary creations, enhance your self-care rituals, and embrace the traditions of Māori culture. With each jar of Rewarewa Honey, you're not just acquiring a product; you're participating in a cultural exchange that celebrates the land, the people, and the timeless beauty of Aotearoa.



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The Heart of Whenua Honey

Our humble approach focuses on quality over quantity. Proudly from our whanau to yours.

What our customers say


We were lucky enough to get a miere through kohanga over lockdown, first time EVER my babies have asked for spoonfuls or sandwiches. Smooth, not too sweet and just delicious

Talita Rika

Te Whare Aroha o Te Hūmārie Kōhanga Reo were fortunate enough to receive Rewarewa honey by the amazing Hunia whānau we were then able to koha out to all our kōhanga whānau and kaimahi.

Roberta Shaw-Hudson

Made with love from our hau kāinga (homelands). A rich delicious flavour packed with goodness. Our kids love it, and so do we. Ngā mihi aroha xoxoxo

Chelsea Grootveld

Wow yum Manuka too ,full of healing properties and full of taste ! Really happy that I brought Whenua Honey will buy again!

Letia Hauraki

Excellent quality honey, and incredibly fast delivery. The Manuka Oil is the best I've ever used, and the best smelling as well.

Lisa Cooper