Our Korero (story)

Honey is Honey is Honey. Everyone says their honey is the best. Well, our bees don't make honey any more special than the other companies. We don't have special ways of mixing it or blending it. In fact, if I had my way I'd scrape it straight off the comb - put it in a container - and send it directly to you, that's the best way to have it.

We started this journey into honey because we saw an opportunity for more. Not just jobs but an opportunity for our whanau (family) our community and friends. What makes our honey special - Is the land from which it is sourced.

For years, large corporates have been utilising Māori land for the gathering of their honey and returning little to the landowners. Due to this Whenua Honey was born. Whenua means Land in Māori. Historically Māori did not own land by way of purchasing it but rather belong to the land by being born to it.

We live completely off the grid, therefore making sustainability and conservation inherent parts of our business.

We don’t preach sustainability and conservation.
We simply live it.

Our humble approach focuses on quality over quantity – we want to be the best, not the biggest. Our hives are built utilising recycled native timber sourced from our local chopping board factory and friend Greg.

In the peak of the season, we drive from sunrise to sunset, with the help of family and friends. Placing our hives all over the East Cape. Then we let nature do the rest. Our honey reflects the land in which it is created – wild and pure, naturally free of pesticides.

Whenua Honey has been built on the back of our community, whānau, and friends. We work closely with our Māori landowners, who continue to occupy the land of their ancestors. These unique connections and relationships are what we value the most.

 Now we want to share our Taonga (gift) with you - Whenua Honey - arohanui (much love)  from our whānau to yours.