What is safe for our whanau, is safe for yours...

We wouldn’t put anything on our family table that wasn’t safe for us and we feel the same way about our products. The Whenua Honey trademark guarantees all our products are authentic indigenous manuka products that are wild, pure and true to label, but most importantly safe for you and your family.

Our honey and oil products have been sourced from indigenous Maori land (whenua) that has been kept in the same whanau (family) for generations. Our cultural priority is to keep our lands free from harmful sprays and chemicals, to allow us to continue to live off the land on which we work, play and live. The Whenua Honey beekeeping whanau connect through whakapapa (lineage) to our whenua (land). This special connection to our whenua allows us to bring food safe products to your table. Ultimately, giving you peace of mind that you have purchased products that have been harvested in a culturally sustainable and respectful way.


UMF Licensee No 2906

Whenua Honey is a registered licensee of the Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association who requires the highest industry-leading standards from its members and in doing so provide access to a quality trademark - UMF - which gives consumers confidence that they are buying genuine Mānuka honey. There are over 100 beekeepers, producers and exporters that are qualified and accredited to display the UMF quality trademark on Mānuka honey products. The quality trademark on our label guarantees that we are a registered license-holder and enables our consumers' confidence in international markets. For a detailed explanation of our UMF grading system please click here


Food Safety NZ & Export Certification

Whenua Honey undertakes regular internal audits to fulfil compliance responsibilities with New Zealand Food Safety Authority regulations. Assured Food Safety is our independent auditor and we have been a registered supplier since April 2018. Our contract packing premises are export approved to the highest level. We are a registered exporter of animal products and our licence is renewed annually by Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) our official identification is WHE2.