My Sons' Viral Throat Infection: A Sweet Solution

So, my sons aged 3 and 10 years recently had a viral throat infection and were feeling like they got hit by a truck. They were complaining of sore throat, feeling hot and lethargic. As a busy mom, I knew I had to act fast to get them back to their bouncy selves.

That's when I remembered the jar of Mānuka Honey 10+ UMF in my cupboard. I gave them each a spoonful, and the fever instantly dropped, and their sore throats were soothed. With 24 hours and 6 teaspoons of honey later, they were back to their usual selves.

Who needs paracetamol when you have nature's remedy, Mānuka Honey? It's a lifesaver for busy moms like me who want to save time, money, and those sick days. Just a few sips of water and rest, and our most precious, our tamariki (children), are on the road to recovery.

So, busy moms, keep a jar of Mānuka Honey in your cupboard and be ready for any viral infection that comes your way. Arohanui from our whānau to yours.

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