International Men's Day is a chance to spotlight positive role models

 International Men's Day (IMD) is an annual event observed on November 19th to celebrate the contributions and achievements of men and to raise awareness of issues that affect them. The day also aims to promote positive masculinity, improve gender relations, and highlight the importance of men's mental health and well-being.

I'd like to acknowledge the contributions of the two Eugene's in my life, past and present, my husband - a provider, who leads by example on the daily and my brother Eugene - a great listener, my first best friend, a genuine, hilarious, witty, intelligent and talented sportsman. 

“The world shines brighter for you having been in it” 

Rest in Love My Bro 2.12.1972 - 9.8.2020

The objectives of International Men's Day include:

1. **Promoting Positive Role Models:** Recognizing and celebrating the positive contributions of men to society and acknowledging male role models.

2. **Addressing Men's Health Issues:** Raising awareness about men's health, including issues such as mental health, prostate cancer, and other health-related challenges.

3. **Fostering Gender Equality:** Promoting discussions on gender equality and challenging stereotypes and gender norms that may affect men and boys.

4. **Highlighting Male Contributions:** Acknowledging the achievements and positive contributions of men in various fields, including but not limited to family, community, and the workplace.

5. **Improving Gender Relations:** Encouraging dialogue between men and women to foster understanding and collaboration in addressing gender-related issues.

International Men's Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the diverse experiences and challenges faced by men around the world. It is observed in various countries with events, discussions, and activities aimed at promoting the well-being and positive aspects of masculinity while addressing the issues that men may encounter in different societies.

Tane Tautoko Awhi Men's Support Group: Man Alive | Building Healthy Relationships for Men, Boys, and Families

If you have any Men's Support Groups or would like to acknowledge the contributions of tane (men) in your life, we'd love to hear  your korero and share with others.

Arohanui from my whānau to yours

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