Whenua Honey's 100+ MG Manuka Honey is lovingly harvested from our beehives located in Te Araroa & Hicks Bay on the East Coast of New Zealand.

This raw honey is amazing with yoghurt and fruit, or drizzled over granola for a fantastic weekend treat. Tea loves 2 generous spoonfuls, dolloped straight into her breakfast smoothie for a quick energy boost for her action-packed day.

Our honey is raw, meaning it is always unpasteurised and minimally filtered retaining its natural properties. Raw Manuka honey's health benefits have long been recognised by communities all over the world.

Location: Te Araroa & Hicks bay, Eastcoast, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Beekeeper: Tea Hunia (From our own hives)

MG: Manuka Honey contains at least 100 mg/kg methylglyoxal (MG).


Manuka Honey 100+ MG 500g Manuka Honey 100+ MG 500g

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